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It is a law of life that problems arise when conditions are there for their solution.
- Walter Sisulu -


Setsokotsane is an all inclusive radical interventionist program by the Premier working together with all MEC's as well as people in the province to respond to the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

South Africa in general and the province of Bokone Bophirima face challenges of unemployment, inequality and poverty. From time to time, communities' complainof slow interventions by government, weak interactions (between communities and elected public representatives) and poor monitoring of projects. Setsokotsane seeks to respond to such challenges which include: Water, Potholes, Lighting in streets and villages, Corruption, Accessibility, Accountability, Housing and Crime.

Lending from institutional memory, Setsokotsane will seek to invigorate the ground swell and get people to contribute their time, and immediate resources towards the upliftment of the province in a way that evokes pride and a sense of duty amongst its citizenship. Setsokotsane willbe hands on in its approach to alleviate poverty through the development and empowerment of the most vulnerable amongst us, while taking a step further to oversee developments which have a ripple effect throughout the Province.

We will develop awareness campaigns and educational programs targeting learners, educators, civil society as well as church groups to expand knowledge of the Setsokotsane program and promote it as an activist campaign which identifies needs in the communities and responds accordingly.

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