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Objectives of Setsokotsane

  • Address the backlog of service delivery
  • Obtain feedback from the public
  • Present government plans to communities
  • Promote partnerships
  • Strengthen intergovernmental relations
  • Strengthen cooperative governance
  • Promote and infuse activism across government

How will this be done?

The objectives of Setsokotsane will be achieved through outreach programs, each with its own program name and objectives

Proposed Outreach Programs

  1. Kago

    Shall focus on consultation with communities and identify their areas of need. The program will build homes, shelters, classrooms, doctor's rooms and facilities where there is a need for health and recovery wards. We will conduct restoration projects in communities around Bokone Bophirima. This project will seek to concurrently address infrastructure programs that will be driven by the Bokone Bophirima Government to resolve the backlog. The program will put into action people in the province that will avail themselves to do manual and administrative labour for a living wage. This will assist in sustained improvement in all areas of importance and can be accessed by applying your services for the greater benefit of communities. These programs will be undertaken every month on a project by project base.

    Key Activities:

    • Painting of schools
    • Fixing potholes
    • Fixing speed bumps
    • Erecting fencing in schools and clinics
    • Housing for the poor
  2. Tlhaboloso

    Create an efficient well managed environmental program which directly benefits the well being and preserves nature in the Province. These cleaning initiatives will be targeted at schools, orphanages, old-age homes, shelters, parks and any other general living and communal spaces. People will become physically involved and take care of their surroundings.

    "For the people by the people"

    Key Program Activities:

    • Tree Planting
    • Reviving recreational facilities
    • Cleaning Public Parks
  3. Tlhokomelo

    Desolate children and orphans in child care facilities right across the province will be visited by volunteers. Our volunteers will care for both children and old people in the communities, providing them with love and affection during these outreach campaigns. Volunteers will however have to give consent for the government to run a security check on them prior to being enrolled in the program. This will be to establish if the volunteer is not a previous child sexual and violations offender. Volunteers will provide these services across the province, distributing blankets, clothes, food, reading books and toys.

    Key Program Activities:

    • Conduct primary healthcare check-ups for the elderly and children
    • Distributing sanitary products and toiletries to girls in disadvantaged schools
    • Registering children and senior citizens for grants
    "Immediate Impact"
  4. Botsalano

    This program will promote the province through various musical plays and celebrate traditional music and drama depicting our people and telling our story as indigenous people of the province. The aim of this program will be to rediscover the magic as well as find innovative ways of reaching people and entertaining them, while giving opportunities to people to showcase their talents who come from the area. The aim of this Botsalano initiative will be to maximise on participation and leverage activities of the government's vision through a depiction of Arts.

    "Invoke a sense of pride"

    Key Program Activities:

    • Live performances and exhibitions of artworks by communities
    • Media exposure of local talent and local artists
    • Art competitions
    • Promoting local tourism
  5. Dikotla

    Setsokotsane will operate a feeding and nutritional kitchen throughout the province. This feeding scheme will target the homeless people, children, the elderly and affected groups as a result of being unemployed. This program will provide people with an opportunity to volunteer as part of feeding and nutritional kitchens by providing manpower and cooking the food for communities. The benefit will be to ensure that families do not go hungry.

    Key Program Activities:

    • Soup and feeding schemes
    • Conducting primary healthcare check-ups
    • Family planning
    • Rollout hydro ponics
    • Conduct training programs on food security and subsistence farming targeted at young people
    • Promote Hydroponic farming
It is a law of life that problems arise when conditions are there for their solution.
- Walter Sisulu -
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